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About MachineMetrics


MachineMetrics is the industry's first AI-driven machine monitoring and predictive analytics platform for discrete manufacturers and machine builders. Our award-winning Industry 4.0-ready solutions work out-of-the-box to increase equipment productivity and efficiency through edge connectivity, real-time visibility, deep manufacturing analytics and AI driven predictive and prescriptive alerts. By simplifying Industrial IoT, MachineMetrics is enabling customers to digitize and drive decisions with machine data.


Right now, hundreds of manufacturers are using the MachineMetrics platform to measure and analyze the performance of thousands of machines across their global factories. Our solutions are providing the necessary real-time visibility into production, automatically recommending ways to improve performance, warning shop floor workers of pending problems, even predicting maintenance events to reduce unplanned and costly outages.

A unique ability to easily connect to any machine has allowed the MachineMetrics platform to quickly gain tremendous traction and aggregate what we believe is the most powerful global dataset of machine performance. Our goal is for MachineMetrics' AI and Machine Learning algorithms to leverage this dataset to be able to predict almost any shop floor problem and implement solutions through fully automated workflows.


MachineMetrics Production featuring simple “self-install” IIoT connectivity, our fully automated cloud machine monitoring & OEE software connects to all machine types to provide visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data. Empower operators, production managers, and executives to reduce bottlenecks with real-time production visibility, OEE, and downtime analysis

MachineMetrics Health allows maintenance managers and process engineers to keep machines running with real-time condition monitoring. Manage your machine assets and view real-time equipment status and conditions. Diagnose problems with deep alarm analytics and AI-driven predictive notification. Manage preventative maintenance tasks based on usage or machine conditions. Track utilization of equipment over time to understand current and potential capacity. Predict equipment failures and prescribe solutions to prevent costly downtimes

MachineMetrics Service transforms an OEM or equipment provider’s ability to service their customers by remotely monitoring machines, reducing on-site service calls and providing preventative and predictive maintenance. Quickly resolve machine problems through remote diagnosis and reduce on-site service visits by 10-20%, optimize preventative maintenance plans, validate warranty claims, receive predictive maintenance alerts to understand new service opportunities post-warranty period.


Connect: MachineMetrics has simplified IoT connectivity with an inexpensive edge device that enables secure ethernet, wifi, and cellular communication while connecting directly to machine tool PLCs and controls. Add your own sensors or connect legacy equipment with digital and analog I/O that is configured and managed remotely through a web interface.

Visualize: Encrypted data is streamed to the secure MachineMetrics cloud where the data is structured and aggregated to enable visualizations and analytics. Access to the historical and real-time data is available through open APIs. Real-time dashboards, historical analysis, and integrations with other systems can be built with these APIs.

Predict: The analytics engine will monitor machine condition and other manufacturing data and initiate an action, such as text notifications when a monitor is triggered. A rules engine is provided for deploying monitors based on machine condition data and patent pending advanced machine learning algorithms can be deployed for detecting anomalous behavior.

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